Tethered to a threadbare string, to a world that is no longer yours to take;
to a fate that is long past due. The burden of your chains are a solace
to the hollow within.

—J. Saelee, Threadbare

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CISPA, the controversial bill that greatly threatens the privacy of anyone online, is making its way to Congress after passing in a closed-door vote by the House Intelligence Committee by a huge margin.

There were no changes to the language to protect personal privacy. How is this happening after the internet so loudly cried foul, and why is it being ignored in the press?


It’s vital that concerned Internet users tell Congress to stop this bill. Use EFF’s action center to send an email to your Congress member urging them to oppose this bill. Fill these forms out, they’re quick and easy.

EFF’s TAKE ACTION FORM https://action.eff.org/o/9042/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=9048

Tell Congress that you do NOT support the passage of this atrocious assault on your inalienable right to privacy as guaranteed by the Constitution!


Tell President Barack Obama that you do NOT support the passage of this atrocious assault on your unalienable right to privacy as guaranteed by the Constitution and urge him to VETO this bill should it cross his desk!


Call on Congress to back off of any cyber-snooping legislation that sacrifices the civil liberties of Internet users.